& Western, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Two-Step, Rhumba, Cha Cha,Tango, Merengue, Foxtrot, Waltz, and other dances. " />

Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life;
. . . it is life itself.

— Havelock Ellis

What Some of My Students Have to Say

“About a year ago my daughter was getting married and I faced the dreaded “first dance”. On the advice of a friend, I called Martha. In six weeks I was ready to dance with my daughter in front of hundreds of people. My daughter said that everyone cried. It is a year later and I am still going to dance class. Martha is personable, patient and an excellent instructor. If dancing is in your plans, then you need to call Martha.”
Steve B., Father of the Bride Dancing with Martha for over a year

“My wife has always loved to dance and several years ago I reluctantly agreed to take ballroom lessons with her. I had never been a dancer and taking dance lessons was way out of my “comfort zone”. The first couple of lessons were not easy for me, but Martha was very patient and understanding. Because of her knowledge of dance and her teaching experience, my confidence and ability continued to improve and before long I was actually looking forward to the lessons rather than dreading them! I now receive compliments on my dancing ability and am able to share the joy of dancing with my wife. Thanks, Martha!”
Jay Thorwaldson Dancing with Martha for over three years

“Martha gets the credit for the patience, humor, levelheadedness, and skill to teach us (one tone-deaf and one beat-deaf partner) to dance in public with confidence and grace.”
Brian & Susie Dancing with Martha for over six years

“Martha is a talented, effective and lovely dance instructor, with a cheerful and engaging personality. It has been my pleasure to learn dancing from her over several years, and I recommend her highly.”
Edmunds Travis Dancing with Martha for over five years

“My husband and I have been taking dancing from Martha for nine months. She posseses exceptional talent, knowing both the female and male dance steps. She also emphasizes the fine points of dancing in a manner that motivates. Overall a great dance instructor.”
Belinda T. Dancing with Martha for nine months

“My husband and I have taken ballroom dancing from Martha for about three years. She’s taught my husband, (who thought he knew) how to lead smoothly. It was truly amazing and made our dancing together so much more enjoyable!”
Carol K. Dancing with Martha for over three years

“I’ve been Martha’s student for two years. Not only is she a professional dancer in every sense but she’s also a talented teacher, a rare combination. She is without doubt one of the best dance instructors in Houston.”
Cameron Dancing with Martha for over two years

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Martha since I first began taking dance
lessons over four years ago. For the past two years she has been my personal
instructor. Martha is a wonderful instructor.Her knowledge, desire to teach,
and the pleasure she derives from her student’s improvement is a rare blend.
She has the ability to know when to praise and when to challenge her students
so that they will gain the most from her input and their effort. Thanks Martha.”
Michael Puzio Dancing with Martha for over two years

“Martha is smooth and graceful on the dance floor. She made our
dancing experience fun and easy. We went from being shy at any
dance to being the last ones off the floor.”
Stacy & Glenda Dancing with Martha for over two years


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